Bathroom Renovation Cost

Commercial tiling is, in many ways, the same beast as home tiling. There is a floor space that needs to be covered, and it has to look beautiful. Bathroom displays have to match the new décor or an existing plan. The floor tiles have to be perfect.

There are a few key differences, though.

Commercial tiling projects are often subject to more wear and tear over time. Unlike a home bathroom that you might see in bathroom showrooms across Western Australia, a commercial space has to endure more people using it more often.

A&S understands this subtle difference and provides a professional, competent service. We suggest only materials that we know can stand up to the rigorous needs of a commercial client.

As with residential tiling, our design team will work with owners. You can browse through our bathroom showrooms or our catalogue to see if anything strikes your fancy. We will cooperate with you on the layout and design.

Also, our bathroom and tiling experts can make recommendations. We can advise what tile types might be suitable for a corporate bathroom or how to get the borders to match the theme of your bar.

If you decide to provide your contractors for specific tasks, we will happily coordinate and cooperate.

A&S also commits itself to working within a deadline. We understand that commercial premises have needs, and the business of business should not be delayed any longer than needed. When we give you an estimate on the amount of time we need to work, we intend to stick by it.