Are you calling on a company like A&S or Crosby Tiles to do some tile work in your home? That’s an excellent choice. Professionals can do the job faster than a DIY crew can, and have more experience. Problems may be prevented or solved faster.

Do you want to help prepare the space before the tiling work starts? Whether you need a crew to lay down tiles Osborne Park or renovating tiles Joondalup, the right kind of preparation can ease the process.

Here are some quick tips on how you can improve the tiling and speed up your WA bathrooms renovation work.

As much as possible, clean the area first. It makes our job much easier if the place is free of furniture or anything that can be moved. Leave any fixtures to our partner contractors and us, though.

Be sure that batch numbers for your tiles match. The shades of the colour may vary if the tiles come from different batches!

Consider the wear and tear that you expect the tiles to experience. Bring it up when you call in an expert or ask for advice since some tiles can weather regular abuse better than others.

Check the lighting in the room. The surfaces of tiles can affect and be affected by the amount and quality of lighting that comes in. In some cases, the colour may even differ between artificial and natural lighting.

Finally, if you are unsure about anything, feel free to ask the experts at A&S. You can ask for our advice at our tile showrooms, through online inquiries, or even during the design stage.